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Thank God always for the happiness and beauty of life - it is beautiful.
Venerable Mary Potter's Last Words.

We all have a power to do good.. - Sr Veisinia Ha’ ungatau LCM

We all have a power to do good..

Vaiola Hospital is the main hospital in Tonga, situated on Taufa’ahau Road on the outskirts of the city, Nuku’alofa.

The existing hospital is facing a long term upgrade funded by World Bank in conjunction with the Ministry of Health and is a general medial and general surgical hospital, Tonga has an interesting mix of health problems with combination of both developing world diseases, such as tropical infections, as well as developed world conditions most notably, ischaemic heart disease and Type 2 diabetes.

Number of beds 200. Queen Salote School of Nursing attached to the hospital. I believe that the Little Company of Mary Sisters are called to witness to the Gospel values. Through prayer bringing Jesus love, healing and hope to those who are sick, suffering and dying united with them in their hours of darkness as Mary present beneath the shadow of her son Jesus cross on Calvary.

My experience of Vaiola Hospital as Chaplain Vaiola is a familiar place to men, women, youth, children and babies in all ages admitted through the door of God’s Mercy as doctors diagnose their suffering using right medications and treatments helping to fulfil their hope. They return home with better quality of life spiritually and physically. But that’s not all that happens to everyone, many loved ones go through the Passion Death and Resurrection. I stand tall to be counted as a Sister of the Little Company of Mary as our charism speak for itself, my culture related to our charism in many ways example the family is the main caregiver for the sick person needs. The loving support of each other eases the suffering of the loved one and peace experienced by all who care especially when dying moment comes at hand. Spirituality needs of the dying is the priority, priest is called when needed.

The dedicated family is always present around the bedside as I experienced and see it what Mary did for her son Jesus on Calvary. The awareness of the worry and fearful of the unknown amongst them, my attention shifts to make myself available and give them a chance to unite in prayer and support each other to alleviate their pain of separation. The family watch in silence and finally the dying loved one slips away in a peaceful way.

My culture challenges me to live my Charism according to the human suffering needs of today’s work with Mary on Calvary. Venerable Mary Potter says “we all have a power to do good.”

Sr Veisinia Ha’ ungatau LCM