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Thank God always for the happiness and beauty of life - it is beautiful.
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Serving Joyfully the People of God - Sr Helena Kivalu LCM

Serving Joyfully the People of God

Learning to be a good disciple of Mary and following the footsteps of Jesus in the spirit of the Little Company of Mary has given me many choices:

  • To learn how to love unconditionally,
  • To be obedient
  • To be faithful,
  • Living simplicity and serving joyfully the people of God
  • To bring his healing presence to them and making a difference in their lives.

Belonging to a Marian congregation, I am honored that I was given a chance to study in the Formation House in the Philippines, taking other courses including Theology, English, Computer and some working experiences in different areas such as Urban Poor, City Mission Food Bank, Education Christian Living, and Mango Tree Centre (a center for the disabled) where I am now as a Volunteer. Through all these experiences I have learned many things about my faith and my life as a consecrated woman. It has prepared me well equipped for future mission.

Ministry activity takes many forms and as a consecrated Sister, ministry is one of the important elements of my life. At Mango Tree Centre, I serve 4 days a week as a Computer teacher for slow learners, a care giver to those little children who hasn’t had somebody to assist them, assisting in Musical class and teaching the foreigner volunteers in Tongan language, but at the same time I share the L.C.M spirit with them by being present and listen to one another stories and pray with them. In the Parish I teach Catechism in Primary and do home visiting to the elderly, the sick and dying too. Amidst all the difficulties and challenging of these experiences, I do enjoy working and learning from my co-workers, foreigner volunteers and also the disabilities. With the richness of our differences, together we journey to the depth of being knowing and faithful to my “YES” that God will lighten the way and brings light after darkness which is Hope, Peace, and the perfect joy. I shared one dream with them by being present with merciful and compassionate heart uniting with Mary’s Maternal Love at the foot of the cross watching and praying with them. This experiences makes me realize, that sometimes it is not about what I have learned but it is about what I do with those learning’s, which means is an ongoing process of learning to do with life itself. I enjoy all the ways that I work to offer my gifts for the greater good of Gods people and find that all of it enriches my relationship with God.

Today I gratefully give praise and thanksgiving to God for his faithful love in my life and for his call. I give thanks for the faithfulness and kindness of those who have walked along with me, my community, my family, close friends, Sisters of the Southern Cross Province, those whom I met in my ministry and those who have helped and challenged me to grow. May the blessings of God be with us all so that we all may too live in faithfulness and love to God.

Sr Helena Kivalu LCM