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Thank God always for the happiness and beauty of life - it is beautiful.
Venerable Mary Potter's Last Words.

Always someone who needs my prayers - Sr Margaret Webb LCM

Always someone who needs my prayers

I read recently that each religious community is a special blessing in our church, with its particular mission, spirituality and flavour; that religious communities share so much in common with each other, and yet, each one has its own unique spirit or “charism”.

Little Company of Mary Spirituality. What is it? It is a spirituality for all people and for all ages. It is care and compassion for the sick and dying and, through the intercession of Mary at the foot of the Cross, praying for the sick and dying as Mary prayed for her dying Son, And no matter what else we are doing, whatever is our ministry, whether we are young or old, – it is a spirituality in which all can share.

It was the dream of Mary Potter that this be the particular mission of our Congregation and it was one of the things that attracted me to the Little Company of Mary when I first met the Sisters – that I was able to share this spirituality and all in union with Mary at the foot of the Cross. That each day would be a day of union with our Blessed Lady.

As well as this special devotion to Mary our Mother, and prayer for the sick and dying, the other thing I noticed about the Sisters was how they interacted with each other and with the nursing staff who worked in the hospital, how happy and joyful they were and how comfortable they were with everyone. So their charism became my charism and I hope I have become a little like these Sisters I first met over 50 years ago.

So how do I live out the charism, the spirituality of Mary Potter and the Little Company of Mary today? I live in a retirement village and as well as having time to pray and grow closer and more comfortable with my God I have a lot of interaction with the residents in the village and nursing home here. The residents love having the Sisters living here with them and to spend time speaking with them, listening to them is a joy. There is always someone who needs my prayers and my time and I am grateful to God for giving me this gift, this special blessing, of being a Sister of the Little Company of Mary.

Margaret Webb LCM