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Beginning the Journey under the Southern Cross..........................

2 March 2015 | General Interest

Under the authority of the Congregational Leader, Sr Carol Pacini LCM, and her Congregational Council, the Province of the Holy Spirit (Australia) and the Region of the Blessed Sacrament (Aotearoa-New Zealand and Tonga) ceased on 28th February and the Province of the Southern Cross (Aotearoa-New Zealand, Australia and Tonga) commenced on 1st March. This is a sacred time in the story of the Sisters of the Little Company of Mary in Oceania.

Rituals of Closing and Opening have been held in each community of each country, honouring the story so far, and entrusting the new direction to the guidance of the God who calls us to mission.

Founded in Nottingham England in 1877, the Sisters came to Australia in 1885. In 1914, the LCM mission in New Zealand was founded by Australia, and Tonga was founded in 1975 from New Zealand. From that time the Sisters have lived their mission of prayer, compassion and presence in the communities they serve. Now, we three become one in heart, in service and in spirit.

This step in the journey, in keeping with the Acts of the Congregational International Chapter of 2011, was possible because of the faith, hope and trust of the LCM Sisters in the three countries to listen to the Spirit calling us to hear a call beyond our own countries, cultures and language and to explore the call to Calvary that is for today.

Over the last three weeks, the new Province Leadership of Sr Bernadette Fitzgerald LCM (Province Leader) and Srs Jennifer Barrow LCM, Raye Boyle LCM, Kathleen Cotterill LCM and Helen Kelly LCM (Province Councillors) have had the opportunity of handover from the previous Leaderships, Srs Francis Mansour and Anne Sheridan LCM (along with Bernadette and Helen) - Australia; and Margaret Lancaster LCM (along with Raye) - Aotearoa - New Zealand and Tonga. In New Zealand on 13th February and in Australia on 20th February, the new Leadership was missioned to the service of all by the Sisters gathered. This will happen also in Tonga in May.

The Sisters of the Little Company of Mary invite all those who are affiliated with the Sisters and their spirit to hold us in prayer as we begin our journey as one under the Southern Cross.

Left to Right: Sr Helen Kelly LCM, Sr Jennifer Barrow LCM, Sr Kathleen Cotterill LCM,
Sr Bernadette Fitzgerald LCM and Sr Raye Boyle LCM