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Golden Jubilee of Religious Profession of Sr Patricia Ryan LCM and Sr Ronda Mary Singleton LCM

2 July 2016 | General Interest

  Golden Jubilee of Religious Profession
Sr Patricia Ryan LCM and Sr Ronda Mary Singleton LCM

Srs Patricia Ryan LCM and Ronda Mary Singleton LCM
with Sr Bernadette Fitzgerald LCM Province Leader

On July 2nd, Sisters of the Little Company of Mary and family gathered to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Religious Profession of Sr Ronda Mary Singleton LCM and Sr Patricia Ryan LCM. In a celebration of Eucharist at St Thomas More Church Brighton-le-Sands, we prayed in gratitude of for the gift of lives so given in love.

All those years ago, Trish Ryan chose one word as her life motto: “Jesus”. Trish is a woman who lets her actions speak for her, who stands quietly but resolutely, steadfast in love. Throughout the life of ministry, this has been the case but never more so than now. Her willingness to be for those in the margins as in her current service of refugees and asylum seekers carries the LCM spirit in a very real way to those who have little hope. She has been one to reach out to our Sisters in Zimbabwe and Tonga, offering the Sisters there her support in presence.

Ronda is a woman for whom her motto is very real – “Christ is my Rock, my Love and my Fortress”. There is a tangible loyalty in Ronda, a strength and reliability on which one depends. She has so often chosen to minister to those who little or no voice in our world. I think especially of her presence to those who have suffered mental illness, the elderly, the confused and the dying.

These are LCM women for today:
Courageous, committed, thoughtful and tender.
Women of strength willing to be for others as Mary was for her Son on Calvary.

We honour their generosity, rejoice in their companionship and are one with them in prayer and service.

May God bless what has been and what will be.