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Venerable Mary Potter's Last Words.

Ritual of Transition - The Region of the Southern Cross

11 December 2018 | General Interest


Ritual of Transition – The Region of the Southern Cross

In November 2018 our Ritual of Transition was held at St. Margaret’s Chapel, Calvary Retirement Community Ryde, Sydney NSW. LCM Sisters from Tonga, New Zealand, Canberra, Wagga Wagga, South Australia and Victoria travelled to be with our LCM Sisters from Caringbah, Sans Souci and Ryde. We were also fortunate to have the Australian members of the Congregational Leadership team - Sisters Elizabeth Gilroy and Patricia Mary Bell with us, along with Sr. Bernadette Fitzgerald, Congregational Leader. Members of our Greater Company of Mary – our staff and advisors – were also able to be present.

Sister Jennifer Barrow, out-going Province leader led the Sisters in a ritual of transition to mark the change from Province to Region, prior to Sr. Bernadette Fitzgerald, Congregational Leader, missioning the new Region Leader Sr Kathleen Cotterill who then missioned Region Leadership members, Sr Elizabeth West LCM and Sr Monica Whelan LCM. Both aspects of the liturgy were profoundly moving, highlighting a real sense of ‘stepping into the new’.

The celebratory luncheon that followed the liturgy was a very memorable occasion as we all shared many experiences as either an LCM sister or as one who works with and is associated closely with our LCM mission and ministries.

As we reflect on our LCM Heritage and the lived experience which brought us all to this time, it is interesting to know that:

In September 1885, in obedience to the wish of our founder, Venerable Mary Potter, a small band of women embarked on a journey that would take them far away from their homes, their friends, family and religious community. On 31st July 1922, 37 years after its beginning, Australia and the Dominions (which now included South Africa (1904) and New Zealand (1913) were made one Province by a rescript of the Congregation of Religious, called the Province of St. Joseph - Mother Xavier Lynch becoming its first Provincial Superior.

 Australia was renamed the Province of the Holy Spirit in 1953 and New Zealand became the Province of the Blessed Sacrament in 1956. In 2015 Australia, New Zealand and Tonga united together once more as the Province of the Southern Cross.

May we always be one, United in the Heart of Mary. May we know and live her compassion and concern for all people particularly those who die alone. Our sharing in the Ritual of Transition enhanced and enriched our LCM charism and spirituality as we continue to share our religious life with others throughout the world both now and into the future.