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Venerable Mary Potter's Last Words.

Tonga Community News - Community on mission

17 February 2020 | General Interest

 Tonga Community News - Community on mission

Goal: to share the LCM spirituality and charism as we journey as group of committed Tongan women – who follow Mary Potter’s way of life and spirituality and mission.

Theme: Mary at the foot of the cross as our model in life, in our Calvary of today, in our family, in parish community, in society, and the world.

Program: Introduction and the program

  1.  Opening prayer: {seven last words of Jesus from the cross.}
  2.  Sharing about the history of the LCM 
  3. Deepening the charism and spirit of the LCM
  4. Sharing and listening to our stories and life experiences, also give them time for questions.
  5. Conclusion. Giving out the books of Mary Potter that was translated and prayer leaflets for the dying and seven last words of Jesus. 
  6. Closing prayer: {prayer for the dying}

Over the last 3 months we visited 4 communities of Pea parish and each community has 4 groups, average of 10 families. We visited them “to be with”, to pray, to listen, to share one another’s stories, and to deepen their faith to understand and value the importance of praying for one another’s dying and the need of our world. Also, we invited them to join with us in praying for the sick and dying in their family prayers.

We were very much welcomed by the parishioners as each group we visited prepared gifts, donation for our petrol and some cooked meals to have after our program with the group. Our unity with the people in the heart of Mary every time we visited and journeyed together is an opportunity for us to pray, to heal, to support, to restrengthen and build up our bonds with one another. We felt very much with Mary Potter, her spirit was with us the whole time we visited. The Holy Spirit through the support and prayers of our LCM Sisters moved us forward actively and joyfully.

We spoke of our treasured memories, to uphold, to be with, to listen, to laugh, encourage, and empower in faith. We brought to life our Calvary stories as we journeyed together with compassion, respect and love. This special time enabled us to be grateful of our foundress and undertaking this special mission, “to make known this magnificent work, the maternal heart of Mary’’ to our broken families, society and to the people of Tonga.

In each visit of our mission we reflect, we feel supportive, energizing and encouraged. Our visitation is an opportunity for them to feel that they belong.

We feel our mission is life giving and we leave one another with the spirit of joy and peace.

“there is not a greater power in life than love”