Mary Potter Courts & Apartments


A part of the ministry of the Little Company of Mary is to provide subsidised housing for over 60’s at Mary Potter Courts and Apartments. These well-appointed units are situated in Caledonian Road and Durham Street North, St Albans, Christchurch. We have a selection of one and two bedroom units available for a modest rental. The waiting list for the units is currently closed due to earthquake repairs being carried out and the large number of names on the waiting list. This will be reviewed in April 2017.

The elderly who currently live in the units are all independent and take care of themselves, although the communal feel lends itself to the concern for neighbour approach. The Little Company of Mary office is also on site, which means the Manager is readily accessible for the tenants. A monthly newsletter is circulated and twice weekly activities for residents and others in the community are held in the Mary Potter Community Centre.

A recent addition to the ministry was the building of 12 new nonsubsidised apartments, which recently won the National Architectural Award for Multi-Unit housing. The concept plan for these apartments was to build around a central courtyard, providing once again the communal, yet individual, feel. These apartments are available for rent to meet a need for older persons who prefer this approach. We currently have two two-bedroom apartments available for rent.

Please contact the office in the first instance for further information with regard to rental rate, to view and to complete an application form. Application forms can also be sent via email.

Our contact phone number at the office is 03 372 9224 or email

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