Who we are – women of spirit in the lands of the Southern Cross.

The Little Company of Mary was founded by Venerable Mary Potter in Hyson Green, Nottingham, England on 2 July, 1877. We take our name and spirit from the “little company” who, with Mary the Mother of Jesus, remained with her Son, when all seemed hopeless, in prayer compassion and presence.


We are called to make visible the healing love of God through prayer and action so that “all may have life and have it to the full”.

Soon after the founding of the Sisters of the Little Company of Mary, in 1877, the Sisters spread their care across the seas, and in 1885, six courageous Sisters left England to come to Sydney on the SS Liguria. They began in small ways, doing whatever was needed to make a difference to those they served.

The Sisters’ reputation for compassion and care lead to invitations to serve communities across Australia, Aotearoa-New Zealand, Tonga and beyond. Sisters sought to be an expression of love and care to the sick, dying and in need, wherever they served. From these humble beginnings, the courageous, pioneering Sisters in each country did all they could to “make a difference”.

Under the authority of the Congregational Leader and Council, the Region of the Southern Cross was created on March 1st, 2015. From the Region of the Holy Spirit (Australia) and the Region of the Blessed Sacrament (Aotearoa-New Zealand and Tonga), the Sisters became one as Women of the Southern Cross.

The women who followed the early Sisters continue to that tradition for today. We too believe that each person is unique and that we, and those who work with us, are called to reach out in prayer and person, to be the compassionate presence that can make a difference.